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locknload15 years ago
Thanks for coming up with the TV B Gone, I have a blast with this thing. Two years in a row the LA Auto Show and MC Show in Long Beach has had an "issue" with their giant TV displays and public TV's all over town are at my mercy.
Moshmosh7 years ago
Hello, First of all, I'm French so I'm very sorry about my poor english writing ;s I wanna say a big THANK YOU, Mitch. Really great job! I've followed your explainations and get the very best of my little bat-shaped-box. But I was quickly spotted (but not catched :p) by the store's security-men. Because the position of the traditional "TV-B-Goner" is quite suspicious... So I've found how to "camouflage" the dels... I will make a video of it, (crediting you of course!) and/or a tutorial at Instructable's, when I've got time. Thx, Moshmosh
mitch (author)  Moshmosh7 years ago
Thanks again for the really nice hack, Moshmosh! Please do send me the video of it in action.
flying1638 years ago
Mitch, the TV b-gone is really awesome! I would like to know, how I can add a T.V. code to my b-gone that I made at hope 2600? it seems that ViewSonic code needs to be added. There are 3 TV sets that I really need to shut down in front of my apartment building. I have read some blogs explaing how to kick up the distance on the 9v commercial T.V.-b-gone. Is there a way to do it to the one I made with the kit? I have a nieghbors across the street who always have the TV on, it's driving me nuts with there larger flat screen T.V. interrupting my skyscraper NYC View. bill
mitch (author)  flying1638 years ago
Hi Bill,

I'm surprised that your TV-B-Gone Kit doesn't work on a ViewSonic TV -- I have 3 ViewSonic codes in it, the same as the Gen3 TV-B-Gone (and I've yet to find a ViewSonic that I can't turn off). But maybe there is a new code I don't have yet?

You can add new codes to your TV-B-Gone Kit. People on the Ladyada TV-B-Gone Kit user forum have been sharing codes.
To add a code you need to change the "NAcodes.c" file by adding the new code, then re-compile the firmware, and program it into the microcontroller. Instructions on how to do this are on the Ladyada website.

You can also post to the TV-B-Gone Kit user forum and ask about the ViewSonic TV that is troubling you, and see if anyone has the code for it.

Also on the TV-B-Gone Kit user forum you'll see plenty of discussion about increasing the power of your TV-B-Gone Kit. Some folks on the user forum have collaborated to create a UHP (Ultra High Power) version of the TV-B-Gone. Check that out -- it's really cool!

Hey Mitch,
I just uploaded a new video of me at best buy with the tv-b-gone.
Here is a link. I did this to help save energy.
Thanks man.I would not be able to do this without you.
BTW, any idea when the TV-B-Gone Pro SHP will ship? I preordered and I am looking forward to getting it.I Love the certificate also. It is a nice touch.
mitch (author)  joejoerowley8 years ago
Hi Joe, Very nice video. :) If you check out MAKE Magazine #13 (the current issue), you'll see a picture of me, also at Best Buy, wearing my TV-B-Gone hat. Best Buy is the greatest place for field-testing! I just found out that TV-B-Gone Pro units should be ready to ship April 28th. There have been so many delays! But they are finally coming together. (I'm glad you like the certificate. They're for Pros only.) Mitch.
Thanks. Yeah I already have seen and built the hat from make 13 and LOVE IT! Its a blast to play with. I made it inside of a FBI hat for a friend and he thinks its the greatest. Looking forward to seeing the TV-B-Gone Pro coming. I always expect delays when pre ordering something. Thanks for everything, Joe
I have a few TV-B-Gones, a few of the kits and I am on the pre order list for the pro and I love these things. I have a few questions though. I was wondering if you had or know where/how I could get the codes to the tv-b-gone in a mp3 or wav format so that I could do something like this. My real idea is to hack a 2.5 jack to a couple of ir transmitters (for cellphone) and then put the sound as the ringer for my cellphone and then call it, like a tv time bomb. Then I can leave it somewhere and call it watching the reactions of people from afar. :) Any ideas about getting the sound files?
Thanks so much!
mitch (author)  joejoerowley8 years ago
Hey Joe, I really like the way you think! Unfortunately, this system won't work very well for most POWER codes. Most codes use pulses at 40KHz, and audio recordings are usually limited to 20KHz (for audiophile recordings). Also, cell phones limit the audio to even less -- something like 100Hz through 4KHz. There would be ways to do the remote turn-off thing, but you'd need to do it digitally. Probably the easiest way would be to attach a device that triggers a TV-B-Gone (or other remote control) up to a cell phone, so when you call it, the remote turns on, which turns the TV off. :) Cheers, Mitch.
Hi Mitch, Thanks for the quick response. I guess I will just hook up a 555 timer up the micro switch so it gives me maybe a minute or 30 seconds to get out. That would be cool. Thanks for everything man. Thanks Joe
ewilhelm9 years ago
I know you've been around for a while, but I realized I never said hello. Thanks for sharing your projects, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

You've probably already found your way around, but in case you haven't seen these, here's a guided tour of Instructables and an Instructable for making Instructables.
mitch (author)  ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks, Eric. I'll be adding more projects after the Maker Faire...