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stranoster7 years ago
Wow. Those comments, including yours, were truly the most horribly spelled, technically abusive I've seen all day. :) . But, on another note, you can use an xbox memory card and an old usb thumb drive if you want to softmod your xbox without opening it. The issue is, if you want to play backups of games straight from the HDD you'll need to open the xbox anyway. I'll post an instructable later if you want. It saves you trashing an xbox controller I guess, and XBMC is a very handy dash if you want to convert it to a media centre. Anyway, just reply if you're interested.
if you're still looking for pottasium nitrate, you don't have to use it, it's what's called an oxidizer, you can use any kind you want, you can even make one out of salt :), the instructable is here
mitchell931993 (author)  AnarchistAsian8 years ago
i later realized i was too late, and you already knew.
mitchell931993 (author)  AnarchistAsian8 years ago
already knew what- btw i dont wanna add the aluminum powder in the instructable right- could i add the sugar for the smoke bomb when boiling the water off the sodium chlorate
aluminum powder is for flash powder, but aluminum powder can be very dangerous... just mix the sugar in later...
mitchell931993 (author)  AnarchistAsian8 years ago
okay cool- i just dont add sugar instead of the aluminium
mitchell931993 (author)  mitchell9319938 years ago
i mnean i do add the sugar not dont
your kind of rude... some people seem to hate you because of it. maybe you should be more polite... (just some friendly advise)
mitchell931993 (author)  AnarchistAsian8 years ago
dude i was stating the obviouse- no intention on eing mean
it would still help though...