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July 11, 2015
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  • How to fix a YLOD PS3... with an oven.

    It actually does work! Ill tell you my story how I did it, I paid 2euro for blue tack and thats it.I'm always very sceptical around these kinds of stuff, but I thought there is nothing to lose since my ps3 is 7 years old and since ps4 is out it costs nothing. Basically what I did was took of the top and I thought something might be with power supply or hard drive, I dusted out the power supply but there was no luck, I connected hard drive to my desktop, it was completely fine, so I thought I'll disassemble completely. I kept all the screws in place and took my time. The fan with heat sinks took a while to take off since it was glued on. By the way I had a slim version of ps3 so it looked completely different unlike the pictures. I really wanted to fix it now and with the stuff that I had, so I went to local IT store and asked if they had any spare thermal paste and the guy gave me a bit of it on a tissue for free, he said that should be enough, unfortunately he didn't had any re-flow flux, he knew what I'll do so he gave me an advice, to use 180degrees of Celsius and I don't even need a flux for that. I came back home and took of the heat sink, I used my mom's nail polish remover and some ear buds to clean off the surfaces, then I blue tacked on capacitors, in my case they were small ones and shiny, one pack was enough, I blue tacked some outputs and took of the button battery just in case, I laid few sheets of plain paper on the grill in my oven and put the motherbord on it, I turned on and prayed for best. it took about 8min to heat up till 180C and then I counted 3 min and turned off and left it as it is for 5-10 minutes and then opened up the oven and left for 20 more. I re-assembled everything and used tooth paste because I had very little of thermal paste, I turned on and it worked but the fan started to spin veru fast so I turned it off and cleaned off the paste and put the proper one, I put everything back and wo hoo! Thank you! :)

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