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  • mkupkatx commented on brgt40's instructable Repairing E.04 Error on Bosch Washer1 year ago
    Repairing E.04 Error on Bosch Washer

    I got an E04 error message moving from drain to final spin. Followed the instructions to a T, pump sump was clean with only minimal grunge and no large or hard debris.Tried a trial load and got an E04 moving from wash to rinse. At the time of the no drain plus error message you could feel vibration touching the sump cover and there was also a "rapidly pulsing hum" that seemed to be coming from the uooer front left of the machine. Followed the instructions again, when sump was open I attempted to turn the white "button" that i assume is attached to the pump shaft to see if it was impeded. It turned with very little if any resistance, maybe as if it was not attached to anything. What next?. time of the time

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