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May 19, 2015
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  • mmalaske commented on Plastic Apprentice's instructable How to Make Your Own Worbla1 day ago
    How to Make Your Own Worbla

    Great tutorial! I recently bought Worbla and I'm excited to try making some myself and save a little $$$. Couple questions for you:1) Does it matter if you use whole wheat flour or white flour?2) Since flour does go bad after a while does PolyArmor have a shelf life?

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  • mmalaske commented on Mostlymade's instructable Alien Xenomorph Costume5 months ago
    Alien Xenomorph Costume

    Wouldn't a can of expanding foam work for the head and be even cheaper? There might be more work in shaping and sanding but it would also be light weight and I believe you can spray paint it. I bet you could do the head and the back pieces for about $10 (around $5 a can at any local home improvement store). Great tutorial on how to use expanding foam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f7HTbojPTc

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