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  • mnorth commented on Magnetic Games's instructable SMOT Magnetic accelerator1 year ago
    SMOT Magnetic accelerator

    First off, that is not going to happen. Anyone who is serious about science will quickly learn the rules rather than reading one thing online and being so wildly misled that it ruins their credibility. Second, we have made many discoveries because of people who challenged what was thought to be fact so even if they do try to create perpetual motion at least we might learn something from it. I swear that science people are more dogmatic than religious ones.

    It really doesn't matter. What's the worst that could happen if someone thought that this was actually overunity? Besides that, I doubt that anyone who knows what that means will be so easily misled.

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  • mnorth commented on Renard_Bleu's instructable Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable1 year ago
    Clear Snow the Laziest Way Imaginable

    That's an interesting idea but I would worry that it would just cause there to be more ice underneath once the water freezes at night.

    I wouldn't call this lazy. True laziness often has the end result of more work to do rather than less. Once there's more work to do a lazy person chooses not to do it at all.

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