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  • monkeybiz07 commented on DimSheldon's instructable MultiTasking Robot2 years ago
    MultiTasking Robot

    Hi, thank you very much for sharing your work/instructions. I'm helping my nephew to building this as his first robot project. I have question about step 2, "Modifying some parts". It says "You have to make a voltage divider for the bluetooth module", is this referring to the 1k and 2k resistor as shown in the diagram? Can you please tell me what specific type of resistor to buy? Sorry if I'm asking something very basic...I looked up on ebay and there are many with different Watt and ohm, unsure which is the right one. Thank you for helping out.

    Thank you for the quick reply. I'm having difficulty finding 2k resistor on ebay, but there are a lot of 2.2k ones....can i use them instead? thanks again.Tony

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