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your stuff is awesome!

your stuff is awesome!

iproberry11 year ago
Are you gonna post an instructable anytime soon?
glagar56782 years ago
i love your lego wall its awesome!!!
do more of you can!
monsterlego (author)  glagar56782 years ago
Sure! I have more coming
Where have you been?
monsterlego (author)  laurababy2 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Please vote for sparten11's Instructable so that he can win the contest and build liads of great things. The Instructable is a blueprint of sorts but looking at his other stuff, you can tell he needs it. Heres a link to the Instructable:
This is what he said about it: "Ha thanks tell all your followers to go and vote for me too... lol I need all the help i can get. heck tell everyone you know, I am. I need that printer badly. I have just too many inventions to build. warren"
Please vote for him and help him win! PotatoCoffee
Lol, new avatar...
monsterlego (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
You haven't been around much, =(.
monsterlego (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
Yeah I've been busy with work and school, i haven't left though
onrust2 years ago
What Lego character is your new avatar?