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  • 36 Things to Cook in a Coffee Maker

    I'm fascinated by the wide variety of ingenious ideas you've presented here, but a hot plate can be bought for $10 and takes up less space than a coffee maker. It would work much more efficiently for many of these items, and of course if you can boil water, you can make drip coffee quickly with a single cup cone device. Also, any use that might allow a glass carafe to get hotter than boiling water, such as the mushrooms cooked in fat, might present a safety hazard. No manufacturer of coffee makers would approve of unconventional uses for safety reasons. However, for making tea and instant beverages, it would be perfectly fine, and even in the best equipped kitchen, one more option for cooking is great to know about when all the other appliances are busy.

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  • mooster commented on kimaj's instructable How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag2 months ago
    How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag

    I'm especially grateful for this because I was going to do this with a young grandson. It will be fun to dig out mittens in July. Thanks!

    I'd like to add that if you have a vacuum sealer device, the bags from that would be much stronger and will hold up to whatever beating kids might want to dish out. Seal it with little air space, but don't vacuum, of course. I let them make deviled eggs in them, so I know it would work for this.

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  • mooster commented on Paige Russell's instructable Easy Desk Organizer3 months ago
    Easy Desk Organizer

    This looks amazing and much more practical than trying to find and retrieve miscellaneous things from my usual pencil cup that tips too easily. Can't wait to try it. I might need a couple of these in the sewing room, too.

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  • mooster commented on Paige Russell's instructable Sun-Dried Tomatoes3 months ago
    Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    This is a nicely presented instructable for when the big crop of tomatoes comes in during a rainy period or when a person's schedule might only allow for after daylight hours, and I'll bet very few of the nitpickers would be able to taste the difference. Perhaps the title should be simply "Dried Tomatoes".

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  • mooster made the instructable Post-it Photo Stand7 months ago
    Post-it Photo Stand

    For 2 months this little pic, which was leftover from making a Christmas ornament, has been propped between a pencil cup and a glue stick. It's not a quality print for a frame, but I couldn't just throw it away. Aha! A solution presents itself. Thanks!

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  • mooster commented on wordsnwood's instructable Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork1 year ago
    Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork

    I have used Mod Podge to adhere fabric to a vinyl suitcase, and can testify that it was easy and has lasted several years without yellowing or cracking. For framing, possibly acid free mat board would be a suitable base. I've been thinking of doing a quilt with my kid's old keepsake t-shirts, but this would be so much easier and probably last longer. Thanks for the inspiration.

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