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HerrS2 years ago

God side, mye fin inspirasjon.

Takk for alle viking-oppskriftene. Lag gjerne flere, f.eks vikingsko :)
emdarcher5 years ago
You should make an instructable on how to make a DT spear
I was wondering if there is a way to make a duct tape bow? that would be epic. ^_^
No, the main part of the bow needs to hold immense amounts of force from the bowstring. You need to make it out of a strong, yet flexible material (which is why wood is used), and duct tape is rediculously flimsy.
teckner5 years ago
I love your instructables, and in your other comments it looked like you would make more. You're still gonna fill us with your wisdom, right?
You were planning:
1: How to forge a viking firesteel 2: How to make fire the viking way 3: How to make a D-stool the viking way
Hey can you make a instructable on how to make fire the viking way???
Where do you get the linseed oil because i can't find any.
hitman_kiwi6 years ago
 Just wanted to say thank-you for all the awesome Instructables! I'm looking forward to learning  to do more things the "Viking Way". Keep up the amazing work.
Love your instructables. I am 70% Norway, myself, so I love learning how to do stuff the "Viking Way" .
you are one of the single coolest people i have ever seen
morfmir (author)  corey_caffeine7 years ago
Thanks a lot. Glad to help. /Thomas
icepick2447 years ago
man u do a lot of viking stuff. and vikings r way cool!
Kosmicon7 years ago
Thats awsome! ill be looking forward to them
Kosmicon7 years ago
you are kool!! say, what other instructables are you going to make in the future?