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May 25, 2015
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  • how to convince your parents to get you a pet?

    So there's this dog that I really want and I've been asking for around a year now. Her name is jasmine and she is a dachshund cross. As soon as I met her I wanted her. Ive found out than when I leave her on the weekend at the rescue centre that she wines and barks. I've tried many arguments and suggestions like:"I'll pay for her"I'll do EVERYTHING""I'll read the 3 longest and most boring books you can find and you can make me answer questions on them" "I'll give up pocket money for a year""I'll give up pocket money for ever""Dogs are very good for exercise ""She is from a rescue centre so we will be helping her"And many more.....The argument that my parents use is that "no one will be home to walk the dog in the day" "and we already have 2 cats"I don't find theses problems becauseA) I've offered to walk her 3 times a day (before school, when I get home from school, after dinner)B) I know many many many people who have dogs and cats that live together very happily. I also know that jasmine is very friendly with cats. I've also talked about fostering and that we could introduce jasmine to our cats to see if they get a longCAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?

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