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  • mpikas commented on Nick70587's instructable Home Defense Mace1 month ago
    Home Defense Mace

    Very nice. You've effectively made what Ukrainian's call a Bulava (булава) which was a sign of leadership with Ukrainian Cossacks. I hate to say it but you can walk into most Ukrainian Churches and they'll have a few usually nicely decorated ones to choose from in their gift shop for a few dollars, often less than your supplies cost you. I've had one sitting on my bookshelf since I was about 5y/o ;-)and yes, even ornamental wooden ones can very effectively cause a lot of destruction and pain.https://www.google.com/search?q=ukrainian+bulava&b...

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  • mpikas commented on BasedMoses's instructable How to properly workout5 months ago
    How to properly workout

    It's been a while since you posted this, and i'm hoping that you know more at this point but for those looking in at this, there are a lot of little problems in here, to start with:- bench press does not work biceps, it works primarily chest, triceps and your anterior deltoids (front of your shoulders), but when you get to working with heavier weights and refine your technique you'll find that they also work traps, lats, back, even hamstrings and to a lesser extent quads- rep and set schemes vary greatly with what you're trying to accomplish, but for someone just starting out or even approaching intermediate is better off with just sticking to the basics, even something as simple as squats, deadlifts, benchpress and a pullup/pulldown/row for the heaviest they can get 5 reps with for 5 sets (after a warmup) 3 days a week. That kind of thing will give you the most muscle growth for the least work until you move on to more specialized workouts.- Ibuprofen for DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is not a great idea. If you hurt yourself during your workout taking an NSAID (ibuprofen, naproxin, aspirin...) immediately could help control the swelling and prevent some damage, but if it's just normal muscle soreness typically it won't help much and worse, some studies have shown that it negatively affects muscle growth. Honestly the best thing is rest, active recovery (if your legs are sore going for an easy walk... basically moving what is sore) and food and water.- Honestly I wouldn't suggest Gatorade for anyone (not that I don't like gatorade). 99% of people aren't working out hard enough to need that much simple sugar and salt after their workout (and you could essentially get the same by mixing up some coolaid with a pinch of salt in it). A better recovery drink after a workout if you want something specific is just some milk (assuming you're dairy tolerant), and if you work out particularly hard/want to add mass maybe chocolate milk (really, I'm not kidding). You can also get into dedicated protein shakes if you get more serious about it, but they aren't 100% necessary, I would actually suggest mixing them with at least some milk and/or an egg, and if you want to add mass a little simple sugar (I'd suggest dextrose which can be bought bulk or as corn syrup), and then in the end with almost all the commercial ones you will get a big dose of artificial sweeteners which will mess with your digestion.I can keep going but this is a start...

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  • mpikas commented on psfordvt's instructable Make a Boomerang that actually comes back!5 months ago
    Make a Boomerang that actually comes back!

    The tilt changes how much they will try to turn before they flatten out in their flight, the closer to vertical the more they will turn, the rounder the flight path is, the closer to 45* you get the tighter (less circular) the trajectory becomes on a boomerang with a lot of lift to weight, and the longer overall the path becomes on one with less lift to weight. Throw it too flat without a ton of lift and it will not likely make it back no matter what you do.Most will return find in windless conditions, the point was more how to use the wind to your advantage.You know, the funny thing is that I made 2 boomerangs of a design that I came up with when I was a kid (well before you could find everything on the internet,,, well before the www) and went throwing with my 4y/o twins yesterday afternoon. I realized how much better my understanding of aerodynamics is now as well as my ability to build things. The end result is that these had much more lift and were very much lighter than what I build as a kid, which in a way was better: I could get them to return in a roughly 20-30' space, even made of wood and having tip to tip wingspan of 21" (yea, they're big compared to most), or I could throw them harder and make them go out to about 50' or so, but at that point they were so light compared to the available lift that they were hard to make return as consistently (with the smaller loop after about a dozen throws I got it down to where I or one of the kids would catch it almost every throw). What I realized was that my original instructions were more centered around something that has lower lift to weight ratio. When you have something with more lift relative to it's weight and more self righting as you go less vertical/closer to 45 it will climb quickly, going almost straight up at it's furthest point from you changing the flight path dramatically.

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  • mpikas commented on psfordvt's instructable Make a Boomerang that actually comes back!5 months ago
    Make a Boomerang that actually comes back!

    1- I'm going to assume that you're right handed, if you're left handed you need to reverse the direction you're throwing, the hand you throw it with and the boomerang airfoil.2- face into the wind or a little to the right of into the wind, so the wind is coming from your front or left (how much depends on your throw, how much space you have and how well built your boomerang is), having it come from the left helps it return further to your right, having it come from the front makes it go further back3- Most boomerangs want to be thrown about 45* to the ground. More upright makes it return faster but also makes it drop faster so you need to throw it harder and higher4- The harder you flick your wrist the faster it spins and the more the airfoil works causing it to turn faster. Experiment with 2, 3 and 4 till it's returning, a small change in any of them can make a significant change in how your boomerang flies. You already have some idea of what you were doing and your results so you could start from there. Since I don't know that I would probably start with the wind coming from about 45* to my left, throw the boomerang 45-50* to the ground and flick it pretty hard with my wrist (most boomerangs have a fairly high wing loading so they do not return fast, you need more room than you think to make it work, although I used to make very light ones from yard sticks when i was a kid that would return in the space of a lot of suburban yards with a hard flick and a good throw). Once you adjust 2, 3 and 4 so it's coming back at you then adjust how high and hard you throw it so it actually makes it back at a reasonable height.Simple.Really, unless you have a lot of space, practice and a very repeatable throwing arm you're likely to spend a lot of time chasing it. My best advice is to find some small kids that like to chase flying things. My twins will go and bring back small airplanes for an hour or more while I tweak wings and tailfeathers till it's flying like I want it ;-) (dogs don't work..., my 100# rescue will try to eat most "sticks" small enough for me to throw ;-) )

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