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  • mscott16 commented on jessyratfink's instructable Unusual Uses for Dryer Sheets9 months ago
    Unusual Uses for Dryer Sheets

    I was told that, but after putting a whole boxful insidr our RV prior to winterizing, we still had mice. I use cotton balls with peppermint oil on them now

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  • 68 Ways to Reuse Old Prescription Medicine Bottles

    This is what is recommended-I am a pharmacist and most pharmacies DO NOT take back unused medication for disposal. If they don't want to mix with kitty litter or coffee grounds I recommend to my patients that they check with their local police department or water treatment plant. They usually advertise a drug take-back day and incinerate the meds collected. This gets expired meds out of people's medicine cabinets and cuts down on children/teens taking them and experimenting with them. There are some exceptions so it's always good to check first.

    yes, this is correct

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