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April 3, 2008
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  • msdrpepper commented on belsey's instructable Sun & bug lotion: one simple solution3 months ago
    Sun & bug lotion: one simple solution

    Wow, very nice Instructables. I have read that coconut oil, by itself as a sunscreen, is considered about a SPF of 5, so would need to be applied more often. I use it a lot myself.I've seen some natural products using grapefruit oils for preservative. There is a lady in Okla who makes an "everything balm" with lots of Essential Oils and she is also a chemist by education and occupation, before she took out time to raise and homeschool her kids. She was telling me (I met her in person selling her products at a crafts type show) that water in an ingredient was the quickest thing to be contaminated and to spoil - causing product to go bad. So I started paying attention to "natural " products and won't buy them if it contains water. Now, her product wasn't intended as sunscreen or bug repellent but more for soothing skin, but I think it is interesting that her product uses some of same ingredients as yours. Not ready to make today but I am definitely interested in accumulating some of the ingredients I don't yet have like the not-nano-chunky-zinc and ewax. Another product I have makes no claims about repelling mosquitos but instead, "gnats and annoying flies", and it uses geranium, peppermint, lemongrass, and clove oil (clove does need to be mixed in with a diluting oil because it can burn skin.).So I am gonna bookmark this as I am inspired to make this for me!! Thanks for sharing!

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