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    A reliable plasma speaker

    Hello!I managed to make this circuit to work,but with a problem. without any audioinput i have a clean 1cm arc at 24V 0.7A using a regulated power supply.My SG3525AN is generating a little heat,don't know if this is good. I have trouble finding a clean audio source,since everytime i plug aphone,ipod,mp3,PC the arc is distorted and i can't make it clean even if i usethe 10k potentiometer. Does someone have an idea what i have done wrong? it'slike something is wrong with my IC and the audio inpuit.Used 0.65mm diameter copper magnetic wire on a 2,5cm diameter ferrite toroidwith 14 turns,wired it just like in the image, insulating pads on the mosfetsand 7012. I also tried 2 different flybacks,with 4,then 6,then 10 turns onprimary ,the same result. Used 4x UF4007.If I short the audio pins I have a hiss-like sound from it. If I connect an audiosource,even with the audio muted again I have hiss sound. I appreciate all the help I get,many people on the comments have the samehiss problem like me.Thanks and nice project!

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