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    Arduino home energy monitor shield

    If you want to measure apparent power and real power for different loads, you need more CT's(current sensors) and more current sensing circuits.For example if you have 3 different loads like(a dishwasher, electrical saw and a washing machine) you will need for each one a different CT and a different current sensing circuit, your Arduino sketch should look pretty much like mine(i measure 3 currents and 3 different voltages for each of the 3 phase) with a slightly difference: You will have 3(or more) CT and probably only one voltage sensing circuit(i'm guessing all off your loads which you want to measure are 1 phase not 3 phase).I've put on my project a Nokia LCD to show me the results(you can't use serial monitor and LCD at the same time).Currently i'm at the office but if you give me your email i will gladly share my circuit infos and pictures of the project with you.

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