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Nov. 29, 2015
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  • Ultimate Night Vision Headlamp - 500+ lumens with only 8 watts

    easy to be critical of some one's efforts. it takes a certain amount of courage and lack of ego to put information out there for public consumption. Dan's article contains quite a lot of information not just about a scratch built headlight. He has done this to share and perhaps offer information that could assist some one to try a project they may have been thinking about. This is how the human race progresses.I own products from Night Rider and others that I use professionally. The inspiration that produced these items came from somewhere likely from some one like Dan who is not afraid to put ideas out there. Any one who offers projects on the Instructional web site is doing much the same. The site is an excellent place to increase one's knowledge in a whole lot of areas. You have possibly missed that point, but you have given a kind of useful feed back. I hope Dan and others keep up their contributions and you will keep reading them and gain something that will add to your knowledge and creativity.

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