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  • mwacuff commented on braulio777's instructable A Simple Counter2 weeks ago
    A Simple Counter

    On further inspection, I see that the module used in the Instructable is actually a "Pro Micro" board, and not an Arduino Micro, which explains the pin differences. Further, I found documentation on the Pro Micro on Sparkfun.

    Thanks for your post. The Arduino Micro shown in the photos is a different hardware version from the one I just purchased (see photo). It looks like your Micro has 26 pins, whereas mine has 34 pins. So I'm concerned that the pin mappings in your Instructable aren't going to work with this new version.Where you've indicated named pins, I'm sure those will map correctly. But where you've indicated pin numbers for the Micro, I'm not so sure. Can you help?Thanks again!

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