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Nov. 9, 2011
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  • LED Tape - Under Cabinet Lighting - No soldering!

    An easy way is one of these https://www.amazon.com/Leviton-125-2-Pole-2-Wire-A...

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  • DIY Irrigation Pots - a modern take on an ancient technique

    Very cool idea. You could add a plug to keep out the bugs and serve as a water level gauge.One tapered cork fit to plug the hole in the Ollahs.One smaller cork to pass through the hole in the Ollahs.One drinking straw.One bamboo skewer.Drill a hole in the larger cork sized to the drinking straw. Slide the straw through, trim flush. Add a spot of glue if its loose. This acts as a bearing surface for the bamboo rod.Slide the bamboo rod through the straw and poke it well into the smaller cork.Insert this assembly into the hole in the empty Ollahs. Allow the inside cork to rest on the bottom of the Ollahs. Mark or trim the bamboo rod as desired to indicate the empty state. You could add even more marks to indicate various levels if your so inclined.Fill the Ollahs with water. Insert this stopper/level gauge. The inner cork should float and shove the bamboo rod up indicating the level of the water.

    Very cool. To keep out insects and also monitor water level.Two corks,one piece drinking straw and a bit of a bamboo skewer.One normal tapered cork to plou the hole, drill a hole through sized for drinking straw. slide straw through the cork cut to flush on both sides.Second cork sized to pass through the hole in the Ollahs.Bamboo skewer, slide through the straw in large cork, stick into the smaller cork. Insert this assembly into the empty Ollahs, allow small cork and bamboo rod to rest on the bottom of Ollahs. Cut bamboo rod to desired length.You now have a water level gauge you can check at a glance, and a plug to keep out the nasties.

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