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Feb. 17, 2009
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  • Terrible Teeth Mask for less than $20 -Glasses compatible-

    Thanks theeJuicebox! It was really fun to put together and to wear. I originally intended to have two eyes, but decided one was more monster-ish!

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  • Terrible Teeth Mask for less than $20 -Glasses compatible-

    Thanks for this great and easy instructable! I made this mask for Halloween this year. I made a long black cape out of fleece to go with the mask - which made it exceptionally creepy! To lighten things up, I also made a detachable green cyclops monster hood with a giant googly eye and some green fleece. It's great worn both ways. The fimo dough I had on hand and used was actually more of a fleshy peach color - a bit too pink to be teeth. I painted the baked teeth with white acrylic paint which worked great. Skipping this step would be easier, but if you want to use up your supply of odd colored clay, painting works well. Also, I skipped the step of building up gums with hot glue - the teeth stayed put and that detail wasn't missed, especially after I added the cape and eyeball.

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