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When lightning strikes a man, is he more alive in that millisecond than ever previously before? Whence comes our constant electrical charge? Earth batteries, Obelisks, & light bulbs carved on Egyptian walls.
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    Make PVC Look Like Wood

    ‚ÄčAs a woodworker (& general crafts-man) I must say.. this is rather fantastic. It caught my eye due to my love of woodworking, because sometimes that "worn" look just isn't in the wood pile, & you don't necessarily want to age some of the other great wood pieces, to make it happen. Couple this with the comment about the heatgun, & Im thinking: potential for textured veneer strips, or heat shaped & filled with spray foam then......... well I'll stop giving away ideas & just make my first instructable, referencing yours for the "wood" process. Thank you for this, it's truly amazing.

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