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Thanks for the patch! You're so sweet! You have some really cool Instructables too, I'll have to check them out!
tombeer777 years ago
I work in a school in th UK, and have access to a 25w mercury laser cutter. I would love to have a go at cutting out the wave laptop stand. any chance of the cad files?
nagutron (author)  tombeer777 years ago
I used a 2d vector file, actually. It's included on step 4 of the instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/SPRI5UYFRXWGIUM/

Look for "saddle laptop stand2.ai"
I was having trouble opening the first illustrator file. I am also having trouble getting my laser cutter to cut from illustrator. I cant seeem to set the line thickness to the required hairline that the laser cutter understands. The laser cutter does raster from illustrator fine though. Do you have th eactual illustrator files you could send me?? Just tried a similar project with corrugated cardboard too. Previously the card set on fire! Someone told me to set the PPI to low and it seemed to work..
nagutron (author)  tombeer777 years ago
Hm. Not sure. It would be hard for me to troubleshoot your laser cutter, as it's probably different from mine. I use CorelDraw with mine and import the illustrator file as an EPS to that; your setup is likely different.
xynny8 years ago
HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It is your birthday right?
nagutron (author)  xynny8 years ago
It is! Thanks :)
Hey Eric.
Are you going to be at the HQ on Sunday when I come?
Just wondering, because with that article you wrote... :P

If you're not there, then you can't talk to my Vietnamese parents, hahaha. :P
If you're not there it's okay, but...


nagutron (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
You're coming this Sunday? That's too bad, because I can't come into the office, this weekend. You can come look at my office, but that's not going to be too exciting :(
I know, I will probably drown in messyness. Haha, just kidding. Yeah, Eric said probably only him and Christy will be there, possibly Tim, because everybody's going to be at Yuri's Night, and he highly doubts everybody will come in on Sunday. I thought I could see everybody, Noah, you, blah blah wahkacha, but it's okay. It's an honor to go to the HQ. :-)
Dear Instructables.com I have not been voting for myself in the Go Green Contest. And yet, I have 48 votes in the contest. I am pretty sure that there is a problem in the system because the system keeps voting for me. Here is the link to my instructable experiencing problems
Please help I don't want my instructable to be deleted.

- The Magical Duct Tape Kid
xynny8 years ago
Yo Eric, are these guys that made the cinnamony garbage your roomies? Which bakery is that and are your friends freegans?

nagutron (author)  xynny8 years ago
Nope. They're coworkers. I'm not sure where their secret dumpster is, but they say it's from Semifreddi's Bakery somewhere...
xynny nagutron8 years ago
alright, tell them their stuff is awesome. I linked it here:

nagutron (author)  xynny8 years ago
Awesome! I'm emailing them now to show them your post :)