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Feb. 20, 2012
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  • namora commented on JP'sW's instructable Transfer Photograph onto Wood1 week ago
    Transfer Photograph onto Wood

    There used to be a product called decal it which worked very well on magazine printing. I imagine it is much like your product as the instructions are the same. These products will work on any non compound curved surface. Textured surfaces present a challenge worth exploring while compound curves might be possible as well.


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  • Make an Amazing Leather Sheath for a Knife! Beginner friendly!

    Sewing heavy material can be a real problem and is never easy to do by hand and get a credible result. One tool that is very helpful is a sailmaker's palm. it is a heavy duty thimble that protects the base of your thumb from the eye of the needle as you use the power of your palm instead of a finger to push the needle through the material.

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  • How to make Pressed Penny Wind Chimes (+ Sound file)

    Your neighbors would really hated my wind chimes which were made from the valve end of various sized gas cylinders. They were hung on the side of a steep hill and worked best in a strong wind. You could tell the force of the wind by which bells were sounding.You can save a lot of pounding by using a railroad track to flatten your cymbals for the article's chimes.

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  • namora commented on Technovation's instructable A cardboard device: THE SHIRT FOLDER3 weeks ago
    A cardboard device: THE SHIRT FOLDER

    I can see the need for these since I first saw them but the equipment is wasted on T shirts unless you run a store. About the only thing I learned in the army was how to stow a, shirt, under. lay it out flat, Fold the sleeves in, fold in half longwise then roll up, For printed shirts lay them out face down. this technique is especially handy for travel.

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  • How to Make a $5 DIY Spray Booth Turntable

    The coaster base can sometimes be used as is as a roller base or for moving things.

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  • namora commented on taifur's instructable Convert $2 LED Lamp to $50 Smart Lamp1 month ago
    Convert $2 LED Lamp to $50 Smart Lamp

    When I dropped a bulb and found that it still worked I found removing the remaining glass difficult. How do you remove the glass without breaking it?

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  • namora commented on hhawkin2's instructable How to Efficiently Dice a Bell Pepper1 month ago
    How to Efficiently Dice a Bell Pepper

    This works fine for dicing if you want large pieces but the curly ends can be problematic if finer dicing is desired. For omelets and hotter peppers I prefer to have more finely diced peppers.Slice the top and bottom from the pepper to leave a tube with relatively straight sides. use your fingers to remove the placenta and seeds. Slice the pepper in half and remove the septum if desired. Then dice as suggested in the article to get the desired size. the top and bottom can be sliced the same way since now they lay flat and don't tend to move around so much.

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  • namora commented on TreatFactory's instructable TIRAMISU CINNAMON ROLLS1 month ago

    Not having a gram scale I can't try your recipe. I have been looking for a recipe for cinnamon rolls that I experienced sixty five years ago for most of my adult life and yours looked worth a try. Metrics are fine but weight recipes are just weird unless you prepare food by the ton. Oh well.

    Baileys Irish Creme I will guess.

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  • namora commented on mikey77's instructable How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute1 month ago
    How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute

    I am curious if this material would be suitable for repairing shoe soles.

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  • namora commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap1 month ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    This is hardly the forum for pro Monsanto propaganda. These hives should not be dying. as for the comment below by nutley many of our food crops are not native either and rely on bees for pollination.

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  • namora commented on marcus2015's instructable Make your own lye2 months ago
    Make your own lye

    I just bought a 2 lb jar of Red Devil lye at a fragrance and soap making supply store in Seattle for eight dollars. Perhaps online it could cost a bit less but I perfer to support local businesses.

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  • namora commented on AngryRedhead's instructable Grow Onions from Discarded Onion Bottoms2 months ago
    Grow Onions from Discarded Onion Bottoms

    When the ballast of a florescent tube is failing they create a strobe affect and this may be what Ryan is talking about. I have read about the problems caused by this.

    My hardware store has indoor planting CFL's. I made a planting bar with with four lights by simply screwing porcelain surface mounted sockets to a 1x4 with about eight inches of space between them. I then wired them in series and added an extension cord to one end. The board is suspended by a chain at each end and hung from hooks to allow easy adjustment. This is essential because you want to maximise the light getting to the plants without heat damaging the foliage. I was successful in raising many starts with this apparatus that cost very little and was made in a slow afternoon. I understand that LED's may now be found with the proper color balance for grow lighting. These would be definitely worth the expense. When the plants reach about three inches it is time to transplant to encourage healthy rooting. This is at least true with tomatoes.

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  • namora commented on momoluv's instructable How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!2 months ago
    How To Cleanly Remove Blackheads Painlessly!

    Every hair grows from a pore. The the hair itself is called the follicle. The actual purpose for these fine hares is to keep the pore clean by moving around. Those going through puberty often secrete more oil than they need especially around the nose. This excess oil drys out and can form a plug which then traps soil and bacteria. Keeping your pores clean will greatly reduce the problem with most of us.

    No but it seems to be you that is hug up, on not knowing the difference between a folical and a pore.. Get over yourself.

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  • How to Stack and Ventilate Firewood with Pallet Wrap

    Would they perhaps work for the Bill Random Collection Agency?

    You present a non issue while make a false assumption about the physically held water. The energy to heat the water in properly stacked and dried wood is negligible but in poorly seasoned wood it can require so much energy that combustion cannot be supported. As to the heat of the steam/water vapor it is lost to its rise up the chimney or the atmosphere in an open fire, Contrary to popular belief heated air is of little use to most heating fires because of its immediate rise although there are a number of ways to utilise this often wasted heat and these would be excellent subjects for instructables. The real heating is done by infrared radiation.However the problem with physically held water in wood is that the relatively low combustion temperatures burn less of the combustible gasses released by the heat of the fire and these unburned gasses combine with the water to form creosote which is deposited on the inner surface of the chimney creating a serious fire hazard. Stacking cordwood against the side of a wooden structure is not recommended because this can be an invitation to termites and carpenter ants.

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  • How To Tie A Globe Knot (or any Turk's head-like knot)

    One small tip. I always seal the end of the line with wax for natural fiber or flame for synthetics to make passing it through the decreasingly sized holes much easier..

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  • namora commented on noahw's instructable 5 Ways to Clean a Funky Water Bottle5 months ago
    5 Ways to Clean a Funky Water Bottle

    The methods below will help loosen real funk but the hard dried on petrified funk takes some serious scrubbing that none of these methods can provide. For metal containers a half cup of water ans a table spoon of non powdered silica sand and determined shaking will get your thermos into shape. After that you will not forget to rinse out your sippy cup again. Sunbaked milk fuzz is the worst.

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  • Pull Wooden Fence Posts Set In Concrete WITH NO DIGGING!

    This is truly elegant, I'll pass it on, Thank you, C

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  • namora commented on louisc2's instructable How to: Laser cutter!5 months ago
    How to: Laser cutter!

    From the comments below it would seem that perhaps the best value received from this instructable is in the comments section. I am sceptical of any article that promotes a product however perhaps the saving grace is that it is a source of information for those frustrated souls that bought this pig in a poke.

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  • namora commented on PatrickW51's instructable Standing Pallet Desk - Epoxy Finished5 months ago
    Standing Pallet Desk - Epoxy Finished

    Nice job but I do have one caveat about epoxy and that is that sunlight will break it down much faster than varnish and is toxic as well having a cumulative effect on the craftsman. Never use epoxy thinner to remove it from your skin because this enhances the exposure by multiples of a hundred and your skin will suck it up. Just let it harden and your natural oils will cause it to flake off. Most of the resins available are in this category.better yet use gloves.

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  • namora commented on carpenterant96's instructable Preserve Your Own Animal Skull5 months ago
    Preserve Your Own Animal Skull

    I have a small collection of skulls that I have gathered over forty five years. Many of these I have found as bleached remains but a few i have cleaned myself or let nature's undertakers clean them for me. I found the best way to clean them requires patience and a large ceramic flowerpot. Using a ceramic pot is not essential but the weight of the pot will keep out the larger scavengers while allowing the small ones to have at the bounty. Using a cage made up of hardware cloth is a good idea and having a screen under the specimen will help to keep the smaller bones available. I have cleaned several bird skulls and this has worked quite well. I have been using Elmer's Glue to reassemble the cleaned and bleached skulls. Super glue would be faster but I had a tendency to glue the bones to my fingers.

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