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ahjkiu6 years ago
did you start club narto because if you did your awesome
hulma7 years ago
hey naruto is a decent show but that doesnt mean you know about ninjitsu, if you know that much then thats fine, but heres a test what is a throwing dart called,
naruto 777 (author)  hulma7 years ago
by throwing dart do you mean bo-shuriken? if not do you have a picture? im not part of a dojo or anything, i do want to learn about nija wepons and stuff though
yes i mean bo shurkin, and did you see my messege about what a senbon is
naruto 777 (author)  hulma7 years ago
no i didnt, well untill now, and now i know (from what you said) that it isnt thrown, and i think its pretty cool that you studied ninjutsu
Camisado8 years ago
Hi! I like Naruto too! No offense, but I think I have more knowledge then you, as how only me and KK has seen the very latest of Naruto Shippuden ( Naruto Chapter 417 ) in Instructables, making me and him ( well, I actually have a little more info than him ) the Naruto masters of I'bles, and not you. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ......... Anyway, wanna be friends? Pwetty puwese?????? ( cute language for " pretty please " ) Oh, and here's a pic from Naruto chapter 417. Think of it as a gift.
naruto 417 page 7.jpg
naruto 777 (author)  Camisado8 years ago
you may have more knowladge and stuff, but im a naruto fan too, thats what counts( and i at least know the characters, some people dont( not talking about you)) but im on episode 76 in shippuden, i watch it in english subtitles before the americans ruin it
yes dont let the americans (yay my country) ruin the worlds best show =Þ
....friends? *puppy dog eyes*
naruto 777 (author)  Camisado8 years ago
ok i guess.................
Yay! Hey, check out this sword. I made it myself. See any resemblance to Sasuke's Kusanagi Chokuto sword?
sword unsheathed.bmp
naruto 777 (author)  Camisado8 years ago
yhea the blade lookes pretty much the same, but that handle doesnt look quite like it
Yeah I know.... I wonder how I can make it that way? Hey, you want another one of those latest Naruto manga pics?
naruto 777 (author)  Camisado8 years ago
sure why not, but how far ahead is the manga compared to japanese shippuden
Far by A LONG SHOT. Jiraya got offed, Sasuke's murdered Itachi, Tobi is Madara Uchiha which is also the Mizukage, Sasuke PWNED the Eight-tailed beast, Raikage makes his move..... EVERYTHING!