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vertigo5687 years ago
do you make and sell the surveillance unit? how much?
vertigo5687 years ago
do you make and sell the laser surveillance units?
jester_rob8 years ago
hey, what exatly am i looking for with the audio transformer? where can i get it and what should i ask for?
navaburo (author)  jester_rob8 years ago
A standard audio transformer from RadioShack will do the trick.

It has a 1000ohm centre-tapped primary and an 8ohm secondary.

I would suggest hooking up the audio source to the primary coil and the laser pointer to the secondary. You can try using the while primary coil or using the center tap.

Here is a link to the tranformer i used:
mrsayao9 years ago
I was wondering about an IR receiver I have for the DIY Laser Listener project, I've got a 5 pin receiver from a DVD player and there's 2 pins unused, I'd assume that the hookup to the dvd player was the same, but I don't know which pins do what, any suggestions on what I can do? thanks man, awsome project!!