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  • nepperhanman commented on fixthisbuildthat's instructable 3-in-1 Nesting Stools21 days ago
    3-in-1 Nesting Stools

    Beautiful take on the old pipe and vinyl step stool of the '50's. Looking at your idea and thinking of something that I am looking for I have a suggestion - what about setting this stool up so that the lower short part can be picked up to mate to the top of the stool, creating a bar stool height combo? That way anyone who needs a counter height work stool, perhaps if like me you are standing for three hours brewing or distilling, and could use a brief sit down while still being at working height. Not being a wood worker I am not sure how to do this but imagine that pocket holes into which you place the smaller parts legs might work. Just a thought. Again really nice work,

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  • How to Make the Awesomest Coke Jelly!

    Great idea. What you made would be called Jello in America. Soda flavored jellos would be fun. You gave me a great idea - what about making and canning soda flavored JELLY with pectin. Could it be made just like grape jelly? I'll have to try.

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