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2243amle7 years ago
Mrs.Norton, Hey it's Adam. I have finally found you ☻
nerdnurture (author)  2243amle7 years ago
how did you guess? (-; Not that it would be impossible for a stalker to figure it out, but you know you aren't really supposed to call people out online... Glad you found your way here anyway. (-: What is that little splotch after the sentence?
Sorry. this is an awesome site and that little splotch os a smiley(alt 2). You should try this if you already haven't Hit alt1 alt2 alt3... on the #pad until you get bored. i think this is so cool.
nerdnurture (author)  2243amle7 years ago
I don't have a # pad... I have a laptop... Oh well. I agree though - instructables rocks. (-;
This site has alot of things on here. You know matt B has an account on here to.