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Ghostsniper8 years ago
Hey i just posted my Halo Warthog Knex truck, hope you like it
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nick.z (author) 8 years ago
I'M BACK!!!!
j626no9 years ago
whats with the knex fetish?
crestind9 years ago
Wow, you've favorited every Knex Instructable posted.
nick.z (author)  crestind9 years ago
it makes it easier to find them
Mepain9 years ago
so, do you like my shifle? have u made it yet?
nick.z (author)  Mepain9 years ago
i do like it but i havent made it yet i dont have enough pieces even if i take everything else i made apart. actually number wise i have enough but i dont have enough of some of the pieces.
Mepain nick.z9 years ago
oh, ok
C H E C K IT O U T ! i have just posted a new forum K'NEX WARS have fun!
SOF Picture.jpg
Mepain9 years ago
btw ive come up with a sweet machine gun design-NO CHAIN NEEDED!!!!!!! though i havent started building yet, ive got a good idea. if this gun works out, im scraping my chain gun prototype, as this seems much better. it will take a long time and a lot of patience to do this, and since this is such an elabrate desing and so time consuming, it will take a while to catch up to some of my promises on my pistol. other than this comment, this is TOP SECRET. i dont think that i will be saying anything else on the subject
NOTICE EVERYONE PLZ READ IF U WANT 2 KNOW WHAT I AM CURRENTLY UP TO AND STUFF LIKE THAT NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE!!!!!!!!!! just so everyone knows i am currently waiting for an order to come in and will mostlikely be placing another order in soon to do testing on stuff when i have time i am testing the power of magnets not just any magnets im going to be testing the power of super magnets i believe the forces generated by these magnets may be great enough to power knex guns instead of using rubberbands this is the biggest delay in progress of the chain gun ive been reading up a bunch about the power of these super magnets basically they are very dangerous, they can crush fingers, brake arms, send metal objects flying across the room toward it, destroy computers, stop pacemakers, and pretty much cause alot of destruction if not used carefully and properly the magnets ive been looking at have a pulling power from 5 to 100lbs and that is all in a very small magnet less then a 1/4 of an inch in diameter that is power that i am looking into and hope to use to power my next generation of knex guns rubberbands are weak hard to use at high strenghts the tension messes with the guns strenght bends rods and basically are very limited in use if u want more power u need bigger rubber bands and a bigger ram this makes compact guns harder to make and less powerful than the larger designs w/ magnets the same amount of power maybe a little less maybe a little more can be generated in a neat clean no more rod bending small gun package it sounds sweet to me and so im going to experiment around with the magnets before i continue work on my chain gun sry but i don't want to spend a bunch of money completing a gun that will be redesigned almost immediatly after being completed it just isn't worth the money so for now and probably the next month or so i will be testing out the magnets if they work as i have invisioned them 2 i have awesome ideas for them so thanks for your support and patience by the way any magnet that can break bones and lift 100lbs sounds strong enough to shoot a knex gun pretty darn far im hoping to shoot one of the designs 100ft and possibly further but i don't want to be too optimistic but why not this might shoot really really far who knows? right so thats why im testing it out if u have any complaints or concerns or just comments let me know i hope this excites u as much as it does me and i hope u agree a chain gun can wait if i can make it 100x better through a little bit of testing perfection can't be rushed thanks again everyone and i hope my designs and ideas have inspired u all
Mepain9 years ago
hey, im working on a chain gun, no, im not copying KILLERK's gun, im just saying that im working on a prototype chain gun. there will be no fireing pin built into the gun, and probobly no trigger either, but, like i said, it's a prototype. it will probobly work like the first machineguns, when you crank a wheel, it fires. the idea i have is like a mini- gatling gun, but each barrel will be put on a chain, thus, a chain gun the only problems i can think of are that it would #1, take forever to load, #2, have a weak body, and #3, not soot that far, but then again, its a prototype. atleast it will be, its only an idea in my head right now, and yes, i like commas, a lot, ive counted 25 in this comment, 26 incuding that one, no 27,28,29, great, now i lost what i was going to say, i got caught up in counting commas, dont forget, chaingun ,35,36 lol
nick.z (author)  Mepain9 years ago
cool. theres a few instructables on this site for gatling guns.
Mepain nick.z9 years ago
hey, go to KILLERK's site and look at his orangeboard to see some pics of the chain gun so far.