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gkalra2 years ago

hello sir,

im gagan

my problem is related to van de graaff generator

i have used two roller nylon on bottom and top of teflon material and belt is used of silicon material and sphere dia is 260 mm

i get output of 200 to 250 kv and spark length is 100 to 120 mm

i just want to increase spark length of 200 mm

aashu15 years ago
what type of motor is this in van de graff
nickademuss (author)  aashu14 years ago
a reclaimed brother brand sewing machine motor
finnrambo6 years ago
 do you have rcgroups
nickademuss (author)  finnrambo6 years ago
Nope sorry

finnrambo6 years ago
 have you seen the new phoenix flight simulator yet or been to ihobby 2009, you should see this thing like real flight but cheaper and works for mac and pc
nickademuss (author)  finnrambo6 years ago
It doesnt look bad, I like FMS its free!
finnrambo6 years ago
 which pit tools should a first time nitro truck guy get please make a list
nickademuss (author)  finnrambo6 years ago
Depends on the truck, if it comes with a starter pack, all you will need is a plug wrench, fuel , and a few tools...

if its a pull start, you will need to add a glow plug heater
 but what should you need for repairs and maintenance besides hex wrenches and motor spray
nickademuss (author)  finnrambo6 years ago
not much else....
finnrambo7 years ago
yay I got my first rc heli today I've never flew an rc heli but for free my first one is a nitro with $1600 value any tips for not crashing it
nickademuss (author)  finnrambo7 years ago
YES, find a person to teach you, they are the most difficult ones to fly and they can KILL you in an instant! When a small electric can give my dad 4 stitches think what a gas one could do, besides removing your arm, or neck. DO NOT SELF TRAIN YOURSELF FOR A GAS HELI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
slight problem, I can't find anyone to train me any cheap simulator ideas or some thing all I have is an anti crash kit(it looks like ping pong balls on carbon rods)