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March 29, 2015
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  • Steampunk Solar Powered Air Conditioner and Identity Card Holder

    This video is quite relevant to this build :)

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  • Car Pre-Heater (Remote Start Alternative)

    > why would you use a heater that blows hot air?Because the purpose of this article is to get hot air into the car, so a device which is designed to do exactly is the obvious choice :)An engine block heater will not heat up the car's interior so it wouldn't work at all for the purposes of this article (see first sentence on this page). Oil filled radiators are very large and heavy for something you need to put in and take out of a car every day. They wouldn't physically fit in the footwell of most cars and the castors would likely damage the car seats due to the weight. They're also very inefficient to use for short periods and take ages to get warm (as you have to warm up all the oil first and then wait for that to radiate and convect heat out) , so they are the exact opposite of what you need to get a quick burst of hot air into a car. I don't agree that remote are safe as they leave the engine running and also allow anyone to steal your car more easily. Due to safety concerns, they are illegal in most countries (including here in the UK). They also cannot be used in garages (due to fumes).

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