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    10 Life Hacks With PVC #11

    As a crafter I have a LOT of supplies. Ribbons, Duct tape, silk flowers jewelry supplies, picture frames and so on. For the items that I have to alternate for holidays I needed a way to store them so I could get to them easily. SO, I too 1/2" pvc, and made a frame and hung it from the roof. This way I am not always digging for supplies they are right where I need them to be. For the picture frames I built a frame that hangs from the celling and all I have to do is get my step ladder and get what I need. The silk flowers are in a 3" pvc that has holes so I can stick the flowers into the holes. The base was the hardest part, I am still not happy with it but I am working on it.

    Thanks I'll give that a try.

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