• niklpkl commented on dragonator's instructable Solar System Orrery (3D printed)3 months ago
    Solar System Orrery (3D printed)

    I made an Orrey system like this also using solidworks but i make mine out of legos. I made individual lego pieces and gears on solidworks and put them together to make the system that runs off a battery powered motor. here is what mine looks like. great job by the way. I love the use of excel for the gearing. I did all mine by hand and that was a challenge.

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  • niklpkl commented on osdoyi's instructable Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine3 months ago
    Pokemon GO: Egg Hatcher Machine

    technically you can open the app let the gps find signal while the guy moves a little bit to pinpoint your location. then when it finds your location and you catch the random pokemon the spawn in, close the app completly and re open making the app have to find your GPS location again and allowing new pokemon to spawn in those locations. this takes forever but yes the egg Km counter with increase.

    if you are worried about the cost of electricity or the pedometer not working you could always just put your phone in a good ziplock bag and tie the phone to your dog and let it run around outside. to make sure your dog doesnt just go outside and lay down you could also tie a stick with a treat to the end of it and make the dog forever chase the treat. then as a reward for hatching your pokemon for you, you can give the dog the treat.

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