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  • nineurea commented on Elliot Lord's instructable Card beds for homeless people1 year ago
    Card beds for homeless people

    I got lost with all these "ends" and "bases". I think the pictures misled me as the bed seems HUUUGE. I cannot imagine which piece is what (base, top base, end middle, end base,....) so not get in my mind how pieces are assembled, in special how the 3 parts are joined. Do not see the "link" piece, base or top. Sorry but my spatial comprehension is borderlining idiocy

    After seeing the video several times I got the pieces and where they go more clear

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  • nineurea commented on forgotpassword's instructable Cheap Bed Substitute1 year ago
    Cheap Bed Substitute

    Has anybody considered using a wooden Fence pallet adding or not legs?What about those top PADDED Ottomans which hold 80 to 120 kg each and have a hollow inside useful for storage?

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