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nitepagn (author) 6 years ago
Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know what I am doing and my current plans for projects, etc. 1. Yurts - I love the yurts and started building one. I stopped because I am not sure how I would cover the yurt. In Maine, I would need a strong covering, I cannot risk a break or tear in the covering. I wanted to use the yurt during the wintertime. So right no the yurt is on hold. 2. Wall Cabinet - The Instructable seems to need some finishing, yes it does. I am unhappy the way it came out. I want to rebuild the wall cabinet in a slightly different way. The one that is built, I will use in my shop, as I badly need storage space. A new Instructable will be put together in the near future. 3. Base Cabinet - I have completed building a base cabinet and want to post an Instructable for it. I am also putting together instructions for the cabinet. I am hoping to sell or market the instructions. Don't think I can sell it here. It will have all the instructions you will need to build cabinets from scratch. I will also put up an Instructable, not sure how detailed it will be. 4. Copyright - Changed my copyright to All Rights Reserved. It means you can read and use my instructable to build your project. Any other use, must be used by permission. I will be marketing more detailed instructions. Sorry, I need extra income and must find sources of new income. 5. If you have any questions or comments, Please send them to me.

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