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  • nixusinc commented on falconsamad's instructable DIY PORTABLE WORK STATION1 week ago

    I wish I was able to create like this! Very impressive! Crying now! :)

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  • nixusinc commented on nixusinc's forum topic Homemade electric nail file1 week ago

    Only just started searching... :) ps Your 10 bucks is over a 100 bucks for me (closer to 150 bucks actually, and for an out of work/freelance (the nicer way to say it) graphic designer with diluded hopes of grandeur, that's a little much - also, I'm trying to grow a spine & a social life at the same time and shiznit gets expensive cuz! :)...)... hence y the need for something less... commercial, maybe? :)

    Good grief... I HONESTLY didn't expect to get even 1 reply. Thank you all so much! Ya'll B.E.A.uuuutiful! Haven't had a chance to look through all suggestion, but I'll let ya'll know what happens... anyone know a place I can get some spare toes in case things go south? :)P'ace!

    Thank you VERY much for your suggestions/idea. Haven't yet had a chance to check it out yet but I'm in the process of looking through now. Will let you know with a HUGE THANKS WHEN (not if) I find a solution!Thank you Gr8 day to you!nix

    Tang yew VEY much! :) Will be having a squizz! Shot buddy! :)

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  • nixusinc posted a forum topic Homemade electric nail file1 week ago
  • nixusinc commented on tlp801's instructable Trash-Vac!!1 month ago

    Very cool! :) CanSuc can suck! And doesn't suck at all!

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