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  • DIY Plastic String (from a PET bottle) *UPCYCLING*

    Different people learn differently and both the video and photo explanation make sense to different people. :)Looks like a useful thing - what do you use it for?

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  • njh51 commented on Not_Tasha's instructable DIY Book Art2 years ago
    DIY Book Art

    A couple of notes on transparency and alpha channels (pretty much the same for our purposes.)You can remove the background from .png files easily in Preview, iWorks and probably office (haven't looked lately). Preview will convert .jpg's to .png files and then allow you to remove the background. The magic wand works great with some files, while for others, you may need to do a little more work.Note also that if you are going to sell these, you should use either public domain or creative commons images (allowing commercial use and alterations).I usually have mixed feelings about using books for this type of thing, but a dictionary or other easily replaceable item, I can live with. :)Thanks for passing this along!

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