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le FabShop5 months ago

Next time I come to SF, I want to see you house. It must be a museum!

noahw (author)  le FabShop5 months ago
It's more of a cave of curiosities...when you in town next?
le FabShop noahw5 months ago
I really don't know. I'm in New-York right now, but I really doesn't know when my job will bring me to SF. Maybe if we end up representing Make in Europe :)
le FabShop5 months ago

Man, you do the most viral stuff ever. 1.7 M for a bruchetta receipe! Really? Good job!

noahw (author)  le FabShop5 months ago

I have the virus.

Nice instructables. Thank's a lot!
Cool, how did you do that?
dany1511 year ago
dear .. i wanna circuit diagram of the connection between the 2 joysticks and ardunio....the interface circuit...any information about hacking jc2000 joystick will help me in may project pls....waiting for your replay
frenzy2 years ago
Rock N Roll!
noahw (author)  frenzy2 years ago
Socks in Rocks!
gmjhowe2 years ago
Your back??? Does that mean you are remote working for Instructables again?

If yes. Awesomesauce.
noahw (author)  gmjhowe2 years ago
I'm back indeed! Editor of Outside and Workshop categories. Running our soon to be released Artist in Residence Program, our already released Sponsorship Program, and of course, spreading the gospel of pizza each and every day. I'm in SF at the Lab 3 days a week with the rest of the team, and then in a brand new shop of my very own in Oakland the rest of the time.

Thanks for your support!
gmjhowe noahw2 years ago
Excellent news. Sounds like some exciting new things, and some of the good old usual things.

Jay was telling me all about being an artist in residence, it sounds like an excellent way to spend a few weeks/months.

Its nice that you are working back in the lab, but still get some time at home.
Quick question, is it possible to collaborate with other people on a forum topic? If there is a way I cant find it...
saleem khan3 years ago
happy to becom a member of pro and will be update with good books