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  • noonue commented on fetmats's instructable Easy, impressive looking, layered Caffe Latte8 months ago
    Easy, impressive looking, layered Caffe Latte

    Yeah I too made it using One shot of flavored simple syrup (preferably a popular latte flavor)popular latte flavor) or chocolate syrup (or chocolate powder mixed into a paste with a little hot water)....It added taste to this recipe...I came to read many interesting recipes in a website.will share if anyone wants to try : http://www.nestle-family.com/recipes/english/impress-your-guests-recipes.aspx

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  • noonue commented on jessyratfink's instructable beef stew recipe1 year ago
    beef stew recipe

    Yeah.....derived from your idea last day I too made stew but little alteration saw this from http://goo.gl/gE1inJ. Guys this is of Lamb Vegetable Stew....

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