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Sept. 21, 2015
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  • Wooden Swords and How I Learned to Love Leather-Work

    I wanted to point out that you could get the exact same results more easily by setting the saw blade to 45 degrees, and making only 2 cuts per blade. Im not sure if there is some compelling reason to make 4 cuts per blade, in addition to cutting rough blades, but it seems unneccesary and maybe dangerous to run wood through a table saw in that way. You also do not have to make any rough cut blades, as they can be cut directly out of planks: set the saw blade to 45 degrees, then cut a bevel into the side of your plank. Then, measure or calculate (a 45 degree cut into a 3/4 inch thick piece exposes 1.0606" of bevel width) the width of that beveled surface and move your saw fence that distance closer, plus the width of the saw blade since the waste material will now be on the opposite side of the blade. Try a test piece to make sure you have the right distance, and the bevels are equal. If you set it up right, you can cut big ol 8 foot lengths of "blade" every time you make a cut from the plank. I made a much smaller for my baby this way, although I didn't have a table saw at the time. I had to use a scroll saw set to 45 degrees instead, which was terrible.

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