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Dude your guns are epic, and by the way, we should start a fan club for people who like metal and rock and ps3, whats your favorite bands? mine are:Metallica, pantera, nirvana, slipknot, korn, disturbed, avenged, slayer, papa roach, all that remains, as i lay diying, system of a down, five finger death punch, mega death, and many more!!!!. ps3 f***ing rules!!!!, do you play cod?
nutty guy (author)  insanecreator926 years ago
yeah I play cod I like some of the band you like (matallica, nirvana, slipknot but I also like people like nightwish my ps3 name is dontmilkit 
Ok thanks
mikstr26 years ago
MAKE MORE STUFFFFF!!!! pwease? btw where have you been lately? you havent posted anything recently
nutty guy (author)  mikstr26 years ago
been doing exams
timhaz17 years ago
when are you gonna post the hk??
 my HK will be posted soon, and nutty here gave me a crucial bit, the extendable stock
nutty guy (author)  timhaz17 years ago
er I took a part to make an fn scar but I will post the scar once i fix my camera
Mr. Muggle6 years ago
bigdylan916 years ago
cool bas37 years ago
what are your next guns that you post???
nutty guy (author)  cool bas37 years ago
I don't know maybe ill make a pistol
of you going make a m95!!!!!!!!!! :P
nutty guy (author)  cool bas37 years ago
dont know
oke :P