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  • nuzlady commented on Carleyy's instructable 13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer11 months ago
    13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer

    One more thing I use it for is to help with an earache - turn i on medium heat and medium to low speed and hold 6 inches from the ear. Let the warmed air flow into the ear and hold steady for about 2 minutes. I always hated lying down to use a heating pad to ease this pain but his works so well for me that I have not resorted to the heating pad in years. The directed heat allows warmth to penetrate into the eardrum area without damage and sometimes this is all it takes to bring relief.

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  • nuzlady commented on Fuzzy Monkey's instructable Stud Earrings12 months ago
    Stud Earrings

    I lived a stone's throw from a Walmart and made earrings for almost every possible reason. I had the little bows in 5 colors as well as the small glue-able things like straw hats or animals and if they had a flat area to glue to a post or even to hang from a french wire - I had a pair of earrings made form them. I even used Christmas ornaments for the mini-trees with posts or wires and did a craft fair one year selling them two pairs for $3 or 3/$5 and still made money - the best time for holiday earring making is when they are marked down after the holiday by 50% or 75% and buy the posts and wires in large bags to get the most for your craft dollar. Look forward to seeing your new pairs.

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  • nuzlady commented on Fuzzy Monkey's instructable Stud Earrings1 year ago
    Stud Earrings

    I started making earrings many years ago and used your plan but used a hot glue gun. Except for possibly getting burned on the tip, this seems a little less dangerous to use and as far as I know, the glue itself will peel off as soon as it is cool so no special precau

    tions. I also made earrings from the very small bows or flat-backed beads. It is great fun to make a pair to match every outfit or holiday or color scheme.

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