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  • nzyachtcrew commented on kalefranklin's instructable Connecting Multiple Solar Panels1 year ago
    Connecting Multiple Solar Panels

    HI there. Interesting read. I think I understand the logic. I live on a boat that has 4x Shell SM110-24 (rated output 110w; rated current 3.15A; rated voltage 35V). Becuase of the mast and boom these is often a shadow that passes over one or more of the panels - often leaving the other panels fully exposed to direct light. From what I read the shadow on one panel is likely to be affecting the performance of the whole array. It's almost that I need each individual panel going back to the batteries individually - but thats a lot of wiring. What would be the best set up - series or parallel - and use of blockign diodes to minimise the impact of the shadow on one part of the array?. Cheers.

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