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April 11, 2016
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  • obillo commented on Von Malegowski's instructable How to Cut Glass Bottles1 month ago
    How to Cut Glass Bottles

    There is a commercially available bottle cutter--dating from the early days of Whole Earth Catalog and easily home-built once seen--that is based on Step 2 (rotate glass cutter around bottle). It will work on square bottles, though it's a bit tricky. The great thing about this cutter (which you can find with a little Googling, or at craft stores) is that it breaks the bottle apart by gentle tapping from the inside, using a long metal rod with bent end for tapping.No matter what system you use, you have to smooth the cut edge for safety. Use fairly coarse emery cloth, rolled into a cylinder, and 'file' inside and outside edges at about same angle as when using your nail file.

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  • obillo commented on sjowett's instructable RetroPie Arcade Cabinet (Cocktail Style)1 month ago
    RetroPie Arcade Cabinet (Cocktail Style)

    My favorite was a game called Galaxy. It became my favorite when, during hard times in the mid-80s, the one at my local theater broke down and had a sign hanging on it that said "Galaxy Is Out of Order." 'Nuff said!

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  • obillo commented on smurray2's instructable Chemical Free Sink Clean1 month ago
    Chemical Free Sink Clean

    Thanks, smurray! Re baby oil: I don't worry about it myself; it's just mineral oil, which is edible (occasionally used as a laxative) w/a little fragrance added.

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  • obillo commented on smurray2's instructable Chemical Free Sink Clean1 month ago
    Chemical Free Sink Clean

    Will this work on stainless knives? I've noticed that over time a kind of cloud appears on my knives--even the top-quality ones--and it's hard to get rid of. I've used Barkeeper's Friend but it's some kind of wicked acid and nearly impossible to rinse clean. FYI, the could appear exclusively on brushed stainless, not on mirror-finished knives.

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  • obillo commented on djpolymath's instructable Knife Sharpening1 month ago
    Knife Sharpening

    In my experience the use of the steel is extremely important. If you use it each time you use the knifde you can go a long time between actual sharpenings.

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  • obillo commented on vreinkymov's instructable Old Belt Knife Strop1 month ago
    Old Belt Knife Strop

    Re toothpaste--are you specific abiut the whitening kind? Either way, gel or actual toot PASTE?

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  • obillo commented on matt392's instructable Foam Handle for Bag from Pipe Insulation2 months ago
    Foam Handle for Bag from Pipe Insulation

    Good work. The only brand I know for this stuff is FrostKing. I've used it to thicken the shaft of my kayak paddle. By the way, m ake another one but line the inside with tape and don't close the thing. That way you'll have a nice slip-on handle for heavy grocery bags.

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  • obillo commented on deluges's instructable Make a pipe from a branch2 months ago
    Make a pipe from a branch

    Nice work! How long before the branch was properly seasoned (dried)? Did you dry it bark-on or bark-off? Let me (us) know and I'll be looking for windfall branches in the park after the next storm.

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  • The Pallet Bible: Finding, Inspecting, and Dismantling Pallets

    I did this a couple of times, and it was a lot of work, effective only because it eliminated breakage. I suspect that pfred2's breaker will be the answer to many prayers.

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  • obillo commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 11 unusual uses for straws3 months ago
    11 unusual uses for straws

    Been dong thtaa for years now, often with success equal to professional vacs. But I always put the straw in the middle of the bag: I find it easier to get a close fit around the straw that way--the end of the bag doesn't work so well for me. Also, I evacuate most of the air by pressing the bag with my hands, then suck out the last little bit.

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  • DIY Hot Wire Cutter for Plexiglass, Cardboard and Foam

    Can you adapt this to use one of the mini transformers that come with every piece of personal electronics these days? Highest output I've seen is 9v, maybe not enough. But using one of these things would be great--there are zillions of them all over the planet. I've seen them in the trash; at thrift stores for 50 cents, and have at least a dozen at home.

    Altenatively, is there a way to make a cutter that's powered from ordinary house current, moderated by a transformer?

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  • Make Your Own Dead-Blow Hammer! | DIY Woodworking Tools #7

    Please explain the physics involved. I've used lots of dead-blow hammers and ALL have been filled with shot, which absorbed--deadened--the dread bounce-back.

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