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Twister1672 years ago

I've been looking into the xbox one headset mod and believe I can shed some light onto the wiring, especially the black wire.

I've taken apart my xbox one headset dongle, traced the audio circuit through and identified the chip. The dongle uses a TLV320AIC3204 audio codec from Texas Instruments to convert digital audio from the controller into analogue signals, control volume, convert the mic signal to digital, etc.

The 'HPL' and 'HPR' lettering on the PCB where the Blue and Black wires connect are the names of the pins these connect to on the chip. This chip is usually used to produce a stereo output, hence L and R for left and right. In this instance though these to signals are connected either side of one mono speaker in a differential configuration. I.e. when L signal goes high, the R signal goes low and vice versa.

For this reason connecting the black wire to the silver braid (ground) shorted half the signal to ground, which is why some people noted quicker than normal battery drain.

This also explains why some users have commented that the sound is too low. In the normal differential configuration the speaker may see +100mV on the blue wire and -100mV on the black wire = 200mV total signal. As this mod only uses the blue wire the speaker only gets half the signal, or 100mV in this scenario.

Some users have experienced noise after doing this mod when they connect the USB lead into the controller. This is because the USB ground is typically electrically noisy. The normal xbox one earpiece is driven differentially, no ground signal is involved, hence no audio noise on the headset. After the mod legacy headsets will receive the blue signal and ground reference from the silver braid which is being 'noised up' by the noisy USB connection.

To show all this I have connected a 2 channel oscilloscope to the Blue and Black wires to measure the signal. (The oscilloscope is from Pico, who make some awesome USB scopes).

Hope this helps,

Differntial Audio Signal.jpg
gortiz22 years ago
Ok, so after reading some of the comments, I am confused. SHOULD I or shouldn't I solder the black wire? If yes, where do I solder it? If not, what do I do with it?

As for the blue, white and bare wires, do I solder them to the leads that you show in your images?

Also, are you sure that's a T6 torx tool? The XboxOne chat headset screws look smaller than a T4.
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