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  • Yet Another ATX  Lab Bench Power Supply Conversion

    You were insanely lucky to accomplish this! I tried powerful soldering iron, solder pump, heat gun, hollow needle (which frustrated me a lot since the pins are not round) and a "large blob of solder" methods for nothing. Braid and Rose's alloy methods are uneconomical since the materials are not reusable (my task is to disassemble failed MBs for parts).Will probably try milling the PCB under each pair of pins to desolder them separately.

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  • How to drive a Piezo with an Arduino

    I think what you did is called a "balun" - it gets ground-biased 0-5 volts on input (when pins are switching between equal voltage and 5 volts difference) and produces differential 5 volts peak to peak AC voltage on output (when pins always differ by 5 volts, but are constantly swapping polarity). But your device is also a transformer, so the output voltage is higher (or lower), depending on the turns ratio.I'm trying to drive a buzzer myself right now with a similar generator (0-5 volts), but don't have any auto transformer at hand, so I would try to use a capacitor to remove DC offset and hope it works.

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