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  • ohioans commented on ohioans's instructable Homemade Whiskey2 years ago
    Homemade Whiskey

    if your asking for the ratio of the distilled product : the mash, it varies on how many runs you make. Furthermore, with a good mash of, say, 4.5 gallons, and if you want a final distilled product at, say 40% alcohol, a good ratio would 4.5 gallons of mash : 1.69 gallons of 40% distilled product (I chose 40% because it is a common whiskey %). In this explanation I assumed 4.5 gallons of a 15% alcohol mash. 4.5 gallons * 15% = 0.675 gallons of pure alcohol in the mash.......0.675 gallons / 40% = 1.69 gallons of 40% final product. I would also round that 1.69 gallons down to 1.6 gallons because you never fully get the alcohol out of the mash. There is always some left over. If you have anymore questions I'd be happy to help.

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