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Ok big man...... OOOO god im scared!
okoshima (author)  The Fishfrog7 years ago
what are you like 8? or just a rider of the short bus?
i did not much the same as mine.... By the way, Read some of the comments that i got for my guides.. They looked my instructable before your website.
okoshima (author)  The Fishfrog7 years ago
not my website dumb git
Type fishfrog27 in google and my mk guides are there. how easier do you want it?
okoshima (author)  The Fishfrog7 years ago
type in mario kart faq, game faqs is one of the first hit with more accurate and better information
not spamming my count up. Its called accuracy.......
Im not spamming me count up actually, im making it easier to look for the tracks you want and besides youve got 1 instructable....
okoshima (author)  The Fishfrog7 years ago
yes one large instructable containing everything in one place... and as for the easier to find the info its already avalible on many gaming sites in one place and alot better than ive seen and yes you are spamming your count up
okoshima (author)  okoshima7 years ago
seen from you*
okoshima (author) 8 years ago
stolen from kiteman... must remember

Using two commas together switches on (or off) the subscript function. A power sign (shift 6 on my keyboard) controls superscript.

Two apostrophes make italics, three makes bold, and five...

On a new line == This is a headline ==

Like this

Pairs of tilds (? the squiggly thing, shift #) makes strike through