• Levitron (electromagnetic levitation device)

    It is nice, and simple, but even though I appreciate it, I would like to see an explanation of how the circuit works and the principals involved. We could learn so much more if you gave us some insight on the operation of the circuit, why it is able to levitate the magnet at a set distance and what it depends on. Interesting that the higher voltage melted some parts but why does the lower voltage work better?Great project to copy. BUT, please instruct us on the principles so we can take it from there and appreciate this more.Thank you.

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  • oland1 commented on wordsnwood's instructable Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork3 months ago
    Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork

    Oh-oh! YEAH, DO IT!!! A fibreglass T-shirt canoe! luv it!

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