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  • oldfatnbroke commented on randofo's instructable Clap-Off Bra2 days ago
    Clap-Off Bra

    Pretty much a waste of time! The girl has to know what it does and agrees with the idea so she might as well wear her normal bra. Experience has proven to me that a girl that wants her bra off can remove it much faster than it can fall off even if you used C-4 plastic explosive to open the latch. If said girl is not in agreement it wouldn't matter what you used to open the latch removing the bra would be like removing a bra that was tattooed on!

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  • oldfatnbroke commented on Lillyvilleky's instructable Aluminum Can Solar Heater3 days ago
    Aluminum Can Solar Heater

    What is so hard to understand? You place the collector outside in the sun and run some type of duct, insulated would be better. Since hot air rises the duct from the top runs into the house or whatever and the duct from the bottom runs from the house near the floor to the bottom of the collector. As the heated air flows up through the collector and into the house the cooler air is pulled through the duct into the bottom of the collector heats up, rises and makes it's way into the house. No fan is needed and the circulation should continue to increase as long as the heat rises. It could be used as supplemental heat during the day but would be useless at night.

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  • French Cleat Wall & Storage Loft

    I used screws to attach my Jiff jar lids to the bottom of shelves then screwed the jars full of screws, nails nuts etc. into the lids leaving the actual shelf for other things.

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  • Charcoal Grill Forge: Become a blacksmith on the cheap

    If all you have is "used" cat litter do you remove the "lumps" or do they help the clay stay together?

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  • oldfatnbroke commented on zjnolan's instructable Aluminum Branding Iron4 months ago
    Aluminum Branding Iron

    I admire your work with wood and aluminum but have a question about the sandblasting. How did you get the bottom of the letters blasted to the same depth so when you cast the aluminum letters would hit nice and flat and evenly when it contacted the wood? A word about safety while sandblasting. You really should wear gloves and sleeves to protect your skin. Sandblasting will embed grains of your media in your skin and years later will cause some very painful abscesses to develop. I've seen it and it is isn't pretty!

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  • oldfatnbroke commented on seamster's instructable Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)5 months ago
    Tennis Balls in a Bottle (How-to!)

    My 1st grade teacher showed us how to get a hard boiled egg in an old fashioned milk bottle. She removed the shell from the egg, dropped two or three small pieces of paper into the bottle after lighting them with a match and quickly sat the egg on top of the bottle. After a few seconds the egg was sucked into the bottle. After letting it cool and turning the bottle upside down she used her finger to hold the egg up so the ashes dropped out of the bottle. She then, with the bottle upside down, put the bottle to her lips and blew really hard and the egg was forced out of the bottle! I'm Sixty six now and I doubt that I will ever forget seeing that.

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  • oldfatnbroke commented on spiderbear's instructable Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer10 months ago
    Wood Stove Heat Reclaimer

    As a retired firefighter I can tell you that I have seen many heat reclaimers being used on wood stoves and have never seen a chimney fire in one. I have seen many chimney fires especially where a wood stove insert was being used and in nearly every case it had been burning green wood and the chimney had never been cleaned. Another major cause of chimney fires is when the home owner loads the stove with as much wood as he can then closes the stove's air inlets so the wood will not be burned up the next morning and all he has to do is open the air inlets and load some more wood to keep the house warm and the fire burning. Closing the air inlets like that causes incomplete combustion which causes crud to build up in the chimney.

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