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  • oldsloane commented on wordsnwood's instructable Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork1 month ago
    Epoxy -vs- Tshirt = Artwork

    just did a quick search and found Envirotex Lite on amazon.ca.

    I have used a product called Envirotex Lite, very easy to use, self levels and you can remove bubbles just by gently blowing your breath on the surface. I did a cedar burl clock more than 25 years ago and it still looks great. It was still available a couple of years ago but I do not remember where I bought it.

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  • Extreme Homemade Beltsander Raptor (Anglegrinder hack!)

    Great tool, I am looking forward to building one as soon as I get home from winter travels!

    Question, why not just use stacked ball bearings instead of skateboard wheels? Is there a reason for spacers between the bearings? I think the surface would be more level or smooth without the spacers. I think I will try my build with just stacked ball bearings and see how it works unless you have experienced problems with that idea. Thanks for a great design, I was all set to build a fixed bench 2" x 72" model but your idea is much more versatile for my shop.

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